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Best Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus is the premier guide to casino bonuses in 2017. Download a casino bonus from the list below and start playing your favorite games right away. The big win can be closer than you think.

What is Best Casino Bonus?

The online casino provides a free bonus service for the http://www.listacasinos.com/ casino bonus. In short, we help you to easily compare which casino bonuses, free offers and online casinos are best for the moment. With us, you can easily find the best casino bonus 2017. We also explain what a casino bonus is.In addition to this, you can easily sort the deposit bonus values? and the value of offers that do not require the deposit of real money. The only way through which casino companies can influence this value is by giving out generous casino offers to their customers. In order to maintain an objective ranking in our search features, we have rated each deposit bonus using a mathematical formula. The deductions are based on the total welcome offer announced by the casino. The higher the value the higher the location. No more difficult than that!

The formula we have used for our calculations takes into account both turnover requirements and bonus rates. Once we have calculated the value, we have calculated that all sales are made at Starburst. Starburst is the world's most popularslot machine and game's RTP (Return to Player) is 96.1%. If a casino does not offer the game, we have based the calculation of a game with a similar payout.The number we receive for each casino then determines their place in the list when you sort on "bonus with deposit". To be as transparent as possible in our sorting we have combined the value of all the welcome bonuses the casino offers. Had Maria Casino had two similar bonuses, their rating had been 56.

There are some exceptions where we have been able to adjust the formula manually. Biggest player and Happy Hugo are two casinos who do not have any turnover requirements on their bonuses and then the formula does not work. At Happy Hugo and Big Players you can not withdraw any bonus money, but you keep your winnings. This means that your expected value of the bonuses is 96.1% of the bonuses you receive.We've made this calculation so you can find the bonuses that give you the best conditions to play your favorite games. However, it is important to keep in mind that casino games are not designed to make a long-term profit. Each time you play at the casino you will get expected value in exchange for entertainment and the chance of a really big win.

The expected value of casino bonuses

If you sort the bonuses, you will see that PAF is relatively high on the list even though they do not have a deposit bonus. This is because the expected value of many bonuses is negative. Our list is based on a mathematical formula and does not take into account any winnings. We have used the same calculation as the casinos themselves do. This is a very academic way to count on the value, but it gives you a good picture of who has the best bonuses.In practice, however, it looks a bit different. The formula does not take into account any winnings and you can never owe a casino any money by taking a bonus even if the expected value is negative. For you as an individual player, it is always good to activate a bonus. It only applies to activate the right bonus first. Casino bonuses give you more fun for the money, which is the most important thing. They also give you a greater number of winning chances which the formula does not take into account.

How do we rate free spins and free money?

To rate free spins or other bonuses that do not require any deposit is nonsense. It is possible to count on a theoretical value, but considering the design of the bonus we think it will be misleading. It is important to see free spins and free money for what it really is. A chance to try a casino or game without having to invest anything from your own wallet.Having said that, there are several casinos offering their players a real chance of winning by not having a turnover claim on free spins. These casinos together with those casinos whose turnover requirements are set at 1x winnings from the spin will always have better ratings than those gaming companies that have higher turnover requirements. This results in a casino that gives you 10 free spins without sales requirements will most likely have a higher ask for a casino that divides several dozen free rounds with a high turnover requirement.

What is a casino bonus?

Above we reviewed how we rate casino bonuses and how to calculate the theoretical value of bonuses. Now, therefore, it is possible to explain what a casino bonus is. The Casino Bonus itself is an additional award, discount, rebate, discount offer, money back or free money without deposit - as online casinos offer their customers an added benefit. It is a kind of marketing towards new customers and a reward for loyal customers. There are thus different types of bonuses, and we will review some of the most popular bonus types below.

Welcome Bonuses

There is no online casino worth the name that does not offer a hearty welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses come in a few different ways but there are mainly two types. The first type consists of a bonus amount based on your first deposit to the casino. Usually, the casino doubles your first deposit, but there are examples of gaming companies that share bonuses worth 400% of your first deposit. It is above all this kind of bonus we have compared to our bonus list Another common welcome bonus is that you get a number of free spins. The amount of free spins is based on the amount of your first deposit. Many casinos choose to combine these two types of bonuses to offer the best of both worlds.There are times when you should avoid welcome bonuses and that is if you have decided to only play table games. For example, if you play Roulette with a welcome bonus, you will have to sell your winnings to other games before you can make a withdrawal. We will review this in more detail in a later section, but because the odds are even in Roulette it is impossible for casinos to allow games with bonus money at roulette tables.

Reload Bonuses

The difference is that you get your reload bonuses as you make new deposits to the casino. There are lots of casinos online and there are almost as many different strategies when it comes to reload bonuses. Some casinos immediately announce which bonuses you will receive on future deposits while others tailor the bonuses depending on how much you deposit and what games you play.In general, you can say that reload bonuses are good for the people who play often. Casinos tend to increase the bonus value of the players who make a lot of deposits. Loyalty is rewarded but you must be active at a particular casino for it to pay off. If you play a couple of times a month, it's wiser to find a new casino where you can get another welcome bonus when those bonuses have a higher value. Do we know that several casinos have sales requirements that will not generate an expected profit comes we highlight the casino that gives you the most free rounds.

Casino bonuses in the mobile phone

It is becoming more common for us to surf through our phone or tablet. Online casinos have of course not missed this and the bonuses they offer always work when playing via a mobile platform. There are many casinos that perform well on the phone, a tip is to check if there are games from Netent at the casino. Netent makes the best games for both PC, Mac and mobile platforms.