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Online Casinos Reviews

Whether you're a skilled pro in the gambling game or a beginner who is a beginner who makes his first steps: only in a high-quality online casino can one guarantee fun, shortness, variety and, of course, high odds. Not all online casinos are equally good, which is why most players rely on honest reviews.

What is the value of the online casino rating?

Especially on the Internet, high-quality sellers often find black sheep, which must be known and avoided. We will be pleased to provide you with these specific online casino reviews at Online Casino in order to inform our visitors about the wide range available online.Online casinos can be very different, but certain quality standards should be respected in order to guarantee an objective view for the player. To create a fair valuation, we have developed some categories that we put to the test at every online casino we tested. We would like to name and explain these categories in the following in order to make our visitors transparent, which he should look out for every online casinos visit - just like us.

Bonus Offers

For most players, the casino bonus of an online casino http://www.juegodecasinosonline.com/ is the most important factor when signing up. Players are also welcome to sign up at several casinos to get an advantage when playing the bonuses. But be careful: it is not always in there, what stands on it! We check the bonus offerings of the companies to see if they are fair, whether they are, in contrast to other casinos, particularly lush (or particularly lean), and how they can be best freed. Because although you get the bonus money for playing mostly without problems, it looks at the payout mostly different. Many online casinos in the betting conditions insist that the bonus is implemented by a certain number of bets - and usually only for certain games - first.This means in the plain text: with the bonus money you have to bet several times, in order to have the resultant profit really on the account and to be able to be paid out. Many of the games that require dexterity, ie blackjack or poker, count only a fraction of this turnover. We create transparency in the evaluation of the casinos and in our reviews, of course, also include the betting conditions.

VIP Program

The VIP programs of the casinos are particularly interesting for the loyal players, who would like to visit a "Stammladen". Because here is what you get for your loyalty. Most casinos classify their players into categories (similar to frequent flyer programs) and rank them up when they make certain bets or collect points while playing. The respective categories and the collected points bring the user advantages and in some cases even money back. We'll examine the benefits that can be generated, and whether they are more lucrative than other casinos.The loyalty program of the online casinos can be useful for many players to make more of their money and their bets. In our reviews, we also want to work out which casinos will reward loyalty with extra bonuses or special tournament prizes. For certain games, this can make a significant difference when choosing the online casino.


Who plays on the net, knows that technical performance is the A and O. Whether browser casinos or mobile casinos, our casino reviewers pay particular attention to whether the games run smoothly, have beautiful graphics and sounds and everything can work perfectly. We also name the software providers with whom the casinos work together and the selection of the games you can expect In the meantime, there are some preferences among customers. One would prefer to play through an independent app, the others like to participate in real games in live casinos. Although all the online casinos have a lot of effort to meet these versatile requirements, every company has a special specification. This also means that not all amenities can be offered. If you want to test specific or special games and playing games, you can find out which casinos meet the requirements.

Mobile Casino

More important than ever before, players have now also the opportunity to play mobile online. Whether through the browser or through a special app you can download: we test all possibilities to be able to play with the provider, and of course also mention, if there is no mobile offer.There is also a difference in the way in which terminals have been programmed. This allows HTML5 games to run on all smartphones and tablets. However, games that are programmed via Flash are not. These differences will be highlighted and specifically mentioned in our reviews so our readers will always know if they are in the right place.