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Play Free Casino Games Online

Did you know that you can play free online casino games? Yes, that sounds too good to be true, but it's true. There are two types of free casino games, and one variant where you play with cash prizes instead of regular and one variant where you play for free, yet with the chance to win real money. With many casinos you can get the chance to do both Examples of Unibet, LeoVegas and Vinnarum. You can first play on fun and then use a bonus to play free games for.

Free casino game with track money

The kind of free casino game where you play with cash prizes instead of usual is a great way to play for free without having to invest a single crown of your own money. This way, you can learn different games, try out the range of online casinos and also try out different strategies in the games. As a new player, it means many benefits, since you can play for free until you feel warm in your clothes and try to bet your own money. As more experienced players, there is a way to test new winning strategies and different ways to play without risking anything.

Free casino game with the chance to win real money

By utilizing different forms of casino bonus you can play free casino games and still have the chance to win real money. Bonus means that you get a small amount of money to play at an online casino. You play the usual casino games among all other players, the only difference is that you do not have to pay for their game. There are different types of bonuses. Welcome Bonus is a regular form of bonus given to new players. If you register as a new player on an online casino, you can receive this welcome bonus, which means that you get $ 50 to play for.

Deposit bonus is also given to new players, which means that you get a bonus the first time you deposit money into your game account. This bonus is usually the percentage, and it's usually about getting 100 percent in bonus. If you deposit 200 kronor of your own money then you have 400 kronor in their game account after the casino has shot the bonus. Refund bonus works the same way that you get a bonus when you deposit money into your game account. The difference is that the refill bonus is also given to existing players. There are also many gaming companies that have other types of bonuses, such as VIP bonuses, loyalty programs or various promotions that offer extra bonuses or bargain prices. Some gaming companies have bonus programs that mean that you get points every time you play or do something else on the casino. Once you have achieved a certain amount of points, you can switch them to either products or against money to play for.

Where can you play for free?

Most online casinos offer free casino games, either through bonus or through game play. It is therefore a great opportunity for those who want to test different gaming companies before deciding which casino you feel most at home. You can also play any kind of game for free, both Roulette and Black Jack, such as Poker, Slots and Video poker. That's why it's also a good opportunity to take advantage of the free casino games to learn to play games you have not tried before. When it comes to bonuses, there is nothing saying that you can not make use of the bonus of several online casinos and try to play for free at several gaming companies.