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Get Free Spins

Free spins have long been the most popular casino bonus form. The offer that gives you the chance to spin free on slots or slot machines as it is often called is easy to understand and easy to use. The offer usually appears in text like "20 free spins on Starburst slot". This would mean turning the lock called Starburst 20 times with the chance to win money without paying any own money. It is therefore a very lucrative offer that can come in different sizes of different slots with different conditions. Note that sometimes, but not always, you may need to deposit a sum of money to get your free spins. Other times, you can get free discounts as soon as you register without reservation. There are different conditions for different free spins deals.

Free Spins Upon Registration

It's very common for you to get free spins as thanks for signing up. Further requirements in addition to the player completing the registration, are not available. You simply get free download on your account as soon as you have completed your registration. It's a bit different for how to use their free spins, but usually you only have to visit the slot for which the free spins apply. Once inside the game, the free numbers will wait for the player.

Free spins that you get without deposit requirements are a form of no deposit bonus. The definition of a no deposit bonus is when you do not have to make a deposit to receive the bonus. The bonus can be in the form of money, things or as in this case free spins. When you get free spins as no deposit bonus, it is exactly the same as we described above, ie. free spins upon registration. It is the most common form of no deposit bonus. However, the most popular no deposit bonus is when you get money for free. This is because the player is free to do what she wants in the casino with the money. The free buttons are locked to a specific slot.

Vinnarum's free spins are of both types. As soon as you register with Vinnarum, you get 10 free spins in your computer and 10 in your mobile for a total of 20. These types of offers are real bonus offers because you do not risk a single crown with the opportunity to win a lot of money. You can place the bonus under the casino bonus no deposit category because you get them without deposit. Then you have by definition got a bonus (free spins) without having to deposit (no deposit). Pretty pleasurable this with free-spirits can be said. Vinnarum then has a refill offer that requires a deposit for further free spins. If you make a deposit, you can get in addition to the 20 free spins, 180 more.

Free Spins Upon Deposit

Free spins are often found in the form of a welcome pack. Most often, the casino gives out a regular match bonus where the casino matches the player's deposit to 100% of the amount or more, and additionally releases free spins to the player. If you have to deposit money to receive free spins, it can no longer be categorized as a no deposit bonus . This because a casino bonus no deposit is a bonus form where you get funds to play for no deposit. Those who are a little good at English would probably have already listed it because the straight translation would be something like "bonus without deposit".

The free throws that you get as players upon deposit are much more than free spins that you get without deposit requirements. To take Vinnarum as an example, they give out 20 free spins instantly when registering without deposit. If you choose to make a deposit and become a Vinnarum player, the casino will add another 180 free spins!

Loyalty Bonuses

Many casinos choose http://21grandcasino-es.com/ to release free spins to their customers a little while and then. Often you get them in connection with holidays or if you may not have been logged in to the casino for a while. It is always the casino that chooses if they want to release free of charge and it is not possible to know in advance about or when they get them. They simply show up free spins deals by SMS or via mail a little bit from time to time. It is always welcome.

Free Spins on The Phone

Free spins on mobile are the same as when using free spins on your regular computer, stuck in your smartphone or tablet. However, most casino operators make a difference between online casino and mobile casino which is why you get one offer for free spins mobile and another for your computer. It's almost always so that if you've got an offer for free spins mobile, it's only possible to spin your free calls on a mobile device. So you can spin your smartphone or tablet, but not on your laptop or desktop computer. The same goes for conversions - you can usually not use free spins that you have received in a online casino like free spins on your mobile or tablet.